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PeerBerry is

The portfolio of loans offered includes primarily consumer loans granted by Aventus Group and its subsidiaries. The Aventus Group has become an innovative and successful lender. It maintains a strong position in the Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland, Georgia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. PeerBerry uses the latest online tools and solutions to provide trustworthy, simple and quick service.



is a peer-to-peer lending platform offering private lenders/individuals and legal entities an opportunity to invest into short-term consumer loans originated across Europe. VIAINVEST provides investors an access to non-bank lending sector by creating a safe and transparent investment environment where investors are able to earn up to 12.2% p.a. on their capital. To maximize your investment experience, VIAINVEST has developed several important features: a buy back guarantee and the option of automatic investing.  The investment process was reliable, simple and trouble-free.

Investments are available almost all over the world.

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Here are more examples of real investments and savings:


is the Scandinavian crowdfunding market. It offers high-quality proven investment opportunities in Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Italy. In addition to investing in real estate. Crowdestate also offers investment opportunities in companies and short-term mortgages (up to 5 years).

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Debitum Network

is providing an opportunity for prolific online content producers to earn commission by presenting Debitum Network as an investment platform to their communities and followers. Debitum Network is a P2B platform which allows anyone to invest in business loans from as little as €10 and earn interest up to 15%. All investments carry an additional guarantee for all investors.


NEO Finance is

the largest P2P lending platform in Lithuania. We offer our investors possibility to invest in the loans of Lithuanian consumer credit receivers. The platform has been operating since 2015, offering its investors fixed rates of return of 12-18%. It is the first P2P platform in the country to achieve fixed monthly emissions of EUR 1.5 million. All new investors who register via the link will receive EUR 25 for their first investment.

Robocash investment arena

is an international financial holding within the framework of which consists of the company’s creditors of-Spain, Russia and Kazakhstan.The investment service offers investors loans that have been granted to these creditor companies as part of a financial holding company. This involves guaranteeing the full amount and profit.

Simple and straightforward process for customer. Only 2 simple and transparent packages with autoinvest:
– Guaranteed package – with 100% buyback of investment amount and guaranteed income up to 7.4% in EUR
– Profitable package with 100% buyback of investment amount and expected income up to 11% in EUR. Fixed short tenors, so customer clearly sees when exactly he gets back his money.


a platform for investing in real estate. People can start investing in real estate for only 50 euros. Investing in real estate through the platform is similar to buying shares in companies. The investor receives a share in the property that represents the actual ownership. This means that the investor as the actual owner will have the right to income from rent or income from the sale of real estate.


EstateGuru  is

the leading European market for short-term loans secured by real estate. We connect developers, companies and individuals with investors. It enables them to raise the capital necessary to finance their projects or loans for a professionally valued property. At the same time, investors can get remarkable returns on investment in real estate loans. Experts from the development, legal, financial and investment industries assess each project accordingly and identify its potential.


CROWDESTOR-Crowdfunding Investment Platform

You can invest in business, real estate and energy projects from 100 EUR. Our motto and drive is simplicity, transparency and safety. Philosophy of crowdfunding is based on the power of the crowd. The power that can raise and power that can overthrow in the same time. Crowd and Investor together create – CrowdEstor. Crowdestor give everyone the opportunity to invest directly in real estate and business projects without the middlemen and hidden conditions or costs. With Crowdestor you can start investing from 100 euros with annual interest rate

It doesn’t matter which P2P company you choose, because each will bring you the expected profit.

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